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Loving Latvia without changing it

Jun 20, 2015
Loving Latvia without changing it

Baltic Suites is involved in Latvian conservation through a non profit association ‘Our Latvia’. Our Latvia aims to connect all the activities of private and public organisations and individuals who advocate for the sustainable development of Latvia. The goal is to preserve the country from urbanization and ensure the protection of it’s vast and varied natural habitats. Our Latvia is also passionate about preserving and reviving Latvian traditions.

The first project supported by the association consists of the restoration of a Latvian cottage and the creation of a natural park in the surrounding area. The park, which will emphasize the cultural and natural heritage of Latvia, will be focused on sustainable tourism and powered entirely by wind energy.

Nestled between the two villages Valmiera and Limbazi, about an hours drive away from Riga, the park will offer visitors a window in to the life of rural Latvia. We would love to open up your heart to the true charm of Latvia its modest beauty, old traditions and unspoiled nature. In the countryside, you will experience a surprising biological diversity a mosaic of vast forests, farmsteads, clear rivers and long stretches of pristine sandy beaches.

The ecological protection programs and pure farming provide the country with the idyllic qualities of a nature reserve. Latvia has the best environmental quality in Eastern Europe, and is home to many endangered or near extinct animals.

Our initiatives were born from our admiration and sincere respect for a cultural and natural heritage of which still little is known. Our goal is to preserve it from out-dated forms of tourism which leave little to the visitor and even less so to the region.

Baltic Suites also supported the creation of Scuderia Ferrari Club Riga and takes an active interest in how the brand has adapted over concerns about the environment.

We wish you an exciting stay in Latvia!


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